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We were proactive and asked for input from our patrons.  We received a 70% response rate with over 75% of our patrons voting for the 7-day rotation.  Based on their feedback, the board is implementing a 7-day rotation at 4.5 gpm for 4 weeks beginning Monday, June 14, 2021.  

Please click on the link below to see the rotation schedule. 

2021 June-July Rotation Schedule.pdf

To find out what canal  you are on, please check your assessment for your canal name which is shown at the top left of your assessment below your address.

If your assessment shows you are on the Main canal, your headgate number will be the indication for which rotation you are on with.  The range of Main canal headgate numbers is shown on the bottom left of each month's calendar.

If you do not have a copy of your assessment, please call the District cell 541-706-1739 and leave a message to have someone return your call with this information.  Otherwise, you may call the office during the week at 541-382-7664.

We thank you all again for your understanding during this difficult water season and these difficult times.

Once again, this year, we urge patrons that do not wish to take some or all of their water for a portion or the remainder of this season, to please contact the office as soon as possible with your information.

We ask that you visit our webpage to sign up for text alerts and check for updates.

Thank you,

The Board and Management of Arnold Irrigation District